A letter from our founder,

Robyn Spangler, MS, RDN, LDN

Rayvi is here because most of us, myself included, need to give attention to mineral intake. With the stress of daily life depleting us quickly and the declining levels of minerals in our food supply, our cells (and health) are left to struggle. I wanted to help deliver a nutritious solution to match clinical needs with convenience. After working with clients for years, I’ve seen first hand how powerful optimizing mineral intake can be. From supporting energy levels, to gut health, skin and hormones, minerals are foundational to good health.

Rayvi hydration powders are a powerful mineral + antioxidant punch to your day with flavor your tastebuds will dig too. I am thrilled that minerals are gaining traction and truly honored to provide a product that serves your body and tastebuds can devour!


Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
Bachelor of Science from University of Nebraska
Master of Science from Kansas University Medical Center
Trainings in clinical nutrition, women’s health, skin health
and functional & integrative medicine therapies