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Rayvi hydration powders are a powerful mineral + antioxidant punch to your day with flavor your tastebuds will dig too. Shop Rayvi products today!

professionals say

  • "Rayvi makes optimizing mineral status so much easier for me and the clients in our private practice - I love having a convenient, high quality product that also tastes amazing!"

    Kaely McDevitt, RDN 
  • "I can’t get enough of this mineral powder from Rayvi! It’s great for daily use or to bring with you while traveling to ensure you’re hydrated and topped off for essential minerals like potassium"

    Amanda Montalvo, RDN 
  • “In a world running on cortisol, Rayvi is the easy button to fill in the nutrients I lose to stress. It helps me (and clients!) with consistent all-day energy, balancing hormones, and optimizing digestion, even eradicating burping.” 

    Christa Biegler, RDN, LN, CLT 
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