Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Rayvi is formulated with a focus on using real ingredients! We use real fruit, coconut powder and acerola fruit for extra vitamin C. To boost mineral levels even more, we add sea salt, magnesium malate and extra potassium citate.

Unlike most mineral products who use cheap forms of minerals that are not well absorbed in the body, we choose highly bioavailable forms of minerals.

Additionally, most companies use the term "natural flavors" to hide and avoid disclosing junk ingredients. We avoids added junk and artificial sweeteners and instead, prioritize natural sweeteners with organic stevia and monk fruit. Additionally, our NON-GMO citric acid (a natural preservative) is sourced from 100% cassava flour. Lastly, we avoid using starches that can impact digestive health(esp for sensitive guts). We are proud to offer a high quality product that can nourish your cells while rewarding your tastebuds!


Natural forms of the minerals can be found in the coconut water, sea salt and fruits.

Additionally, extra minerals are provided in the forms below:

  • Magnesium (via magnesium malate)
  • Potassium (via potassium citrate)
  • Sodium (via sea salt)
  • Vitamin C (via acerola fruit juice)

Our citric acid is 100% sourced from pure organic cane sugar or pure cassava.

We are so sorry but at this time we are only able to sell to U.S. customers. We hope to expand this in time.

There are no contraindications with the ingredients in Rayvi products and pregnancy/nursing. However, if concerned, we suggest consulting with your physician.

Rayvi hydration powders are formulated to help anyone boost their mineral/electrolyte intake with an added bonus of anti-inflammatory nutrients. Cellular dehydration can manifest as fatigue, muscle cramps/aches, sleep issues, headaches, swelling/puffiness and a long list of deeper issues. Nourishing your cells with minerals can help with these issues (and quickly). Not to mention we need minerals to properly make and use all hormones (including thyroid hormone).

We test every batch of Rayvi with an independent, certified, 3rd party lab. We are happy to share thoes results upon request. Please contact our customer service team at Please include the lot number listed on the back of the bag. 

Customer support

Once your order has been shipped, you will receive a confirmation email with details and a tracking number.

You can find our refund policy here.

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