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Rayvi hydration powders are formulated to help anyone boost their mineral/electrolyte intake with an added bonus of anti-inflammatory nutrients.

Cellular dehydration can manifest as fatigue, muscle cramps/aches, sleep issues, headaches, swelling/puffiness and a long list of deeper issues. Nourishing your cells with minerals can help with these issues (and quickly). Not to mention we need minerals to properly make and use all hormones (including thyroid hormone).

There are no contraindications with the ingredients in Rayvi products and pregnancy/nursing. However, if concerned, we suggest consulting with your physician.

Rayvi is designed using young coconuts to provide a higher potassium amount per serving. Additionally, we add baobab powder to enhance the product with antioxidants. We are committed to using the highest quality ingredients while supporting farms and communities that value improving quality of our land and soil (which is how we keep our food supply nutrient dense).

Most enjoy it mixed with water but you can also add to smoothies or stir into applesauce or yogurt. Get creative. You can adjust the amount to get the taste you desire!

Rayvi hydration powders are made using real food ingredients. You can find general serving size recommendations on the package but because every individual has unique needs, specific concerns on using high amounts should be discussed with a qualified health professional.

Our citric acid is 100% sourced from pure cane sugar or pure cassava.